Shatford Law represents individuals and businesses throughout the State of California in a variety of debtor/creditor matters, including:

•    Chapter 7
•    Chapter 11
•    Chapter 13
•    Creditor Services

When people visit our offices, we do our best to put their mind at ease. Our expert team of bankruptcy attorneys can educate clients on all aspects of the bankruptcy process. First, we work with our clients to understand their financial picture and then help them choose an individual plan of action to improve their financial situation. Unlike some firms that only handle one type of bankruptcy, our team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys can handle Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Our specialty lies in not only providing expertise to file bankruptcy, but we also provide assistance with bankruptcy alternatives. Our comprehensive approach to debt assistance through credit repair services allows us to serve the individualized needs of our clients.
Our highly experienced team of bankruptcy lawyers can assist clients with matters pertaining to unresolved debt, which in turn can cause a variety of problems from home foreclosure and car repossession to creditor harassment and wage garnishments.

Our bankruptcy lawyers work with individuals and businesses and are dedicated to finding solutions while keeping the best interest of the client in mind. If your business is in debt, we can assist in creating a plan that will allow you to stay in business and repay your creditors over time. When representing individuals, options are available to provide immediate relief from credit card, medical and other debts that can prove to be unmanageable. We look at a diverse range of options to determine the right course of action for the people we serve.


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