Civil Litigation

Since 1947, Shatford Law’s lawyers have been fixtures in the California court system. The firm has the experience and resources to take on any civil or business litigation, from simple to complex. Our attorneys are prepared to represent business clients and eliminate the need to retain additional counsel for most litigation situations.

Our firm represents and advises clients who are or might become involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute, including prevention and settlement, in such areas as:

•    Breach of contract, enforcement of a contractual obligation 
•    Unfair trade practices 
•    Labor and employment law, employment discrimination, civil rights 
•    Insurance disputes 
•    Product liability 
•    Shareholder disputes, shareholder derivative suits 
•    Terminations and business dissolution 
•    Commercial litigation 
•    Appeals 
•    Tax disputes 
•    Personal injury 
•    Construction disputes 
•    Foreclosure and condemnation 
•    Mechanics liens 
•    Construction litigation 
•    Railroad Accidents 
•    Probate 
•    Negligence 
•    Automobile Accidents 
•    Employee wage and benefits 
•    Sexual Harassment 
•    Social Security 
•    Workers Compensation 
•    Wrongful Discharge 
•    Collections 
•    Wrongful death 
•    Unfair denial of Insurance claims 

For each client, we strive to find a resolution best suited to that client. The experienced trial lawyers of our firm can readily take a case to court if it is in the client’s best interest. However, we often find that alternative dispute resolution procedures are more cost-effective, and have assisted many clients through the arbitration and mediation processes.


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