Family Law

Our attorneys at Shatford Law have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of family law. Our family law attorneys understand the stress involved in making the decision to divorce a spouse. We are committed to providing comprehensive divorce and family law services. From consultations prior to filing for divorce, through preparing for the financial repercussions and the psychological impact of divorce, to any necessary post-divorce modifications, our lawyers are dedicated to remaining available to assist our clients.

If you are unclear what your legal and financial obligations are in a family law matter, contact family attorneys at Shatford Law today. We'll evaluate your case and discuss the options available to you.

Our Family Law Practice is Dedicated to Finding Solutions. Shatford Law represents clients in the following areas:

  • Divorce or legal separation.
  • Child and Spousal Support - These are two of the issues that commonly continue even after the final divorce decree. Child support payments are typically determined by state statue.
  • Child Custody and Visitation - Often one of the most contentious issues in divorce cases, our overriding concern in child custody matters is the best interest of the children.
  • Property Division - This is one of the most complex issues associated with divorce. Our firm has tremendous experience dealing with marital property, determining the value of a business, and accounting for retirement savings in divorce proceedings.
  • Business Evaluations in Divorce - Our firm works with certified business appraisers and accountants in determining the value of a closely held or family held business. We make sure a company isn't over or under-valued for the purposes of dividing marital property.
  • Division of Debt in Divorce - We represent clients in cases involving jointly held accounts, loans, and credit cards that involve debt that must be divided during the divorce process.
  • Adoption - Step-parent adoption and inter-family adoption
  • Paternity - Helping determine paternity as well as defending against claims of paternity.
  • Prenuptial Agreements - Drafting, reviewing, and editing prenuptial agreements protects property owned prior to the marriage. 
  • Post Divorce Modifications - Modification of child support, spousal support, custody, or visitation schedules after the final divorce decree. 
  • Domestic Partnerships  - Our office represents same-sex couples in creating contracts and legally binding agreements in order to secure some of the same rights and advantages as a married couple.
  • Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders / Orders of Protection - Our attorneys represent people who are in fear for their immediate safety or have been the victim of domestic violence.
  • Collaborative Law and Mediation - These dispute resolution techniques allow people to work out custody and property division issues in a non-adversarial environment. 


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