Wealth Planning and Preservation

Our attorney’s at Shatford Law have a broad range of experience consulting with families in the area of Wealth Planning & Preservation. We will consult with you and your family to determine your objectives regarding asset protection and management, minimization of taxes and disposition of wealth. We will assist you and your family in planning to meet those objectives while enabling you to adapt and respond to unforeseen family and business issues, future economic conditions and ever-changing tax laws. We will also work with your professional advisors to ensure that estate plans are appropriately integrated with your financial plans. Our attorneys come from various backgrounds which set us apart and allow us to successfully address your specific needs and deliver effective results that are specifically tailored towards achieving the planning goals of the respective family.  

You've worked hard to build your estate because you have dreams for the future of your loved ones. You've made a promise - to yourself and to your heirs - that when you can no longer provide, your estate will enable them to realize those dreams. And now to keep that promise you need a plan: a way to help ensure your estate will be there for the people you want to have it.  At Shatford Law our goal is to help you to preserve your accumulated wealth by providing the proper planning in the following areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Wills with or without Living Trust
  • Probate & Trust Administration
  • Guardianships & Conservatorships 
  • Estate & Gift Taxation
  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Marital Property Agreements
  • Charitable Planning

Since 1947, our attorneys at Shatford Law have worked with families and will work with you and your family to ensure that you protect and preserve your wealth. You can select from any of our four planning methods (Heritage Plan, Family Trust Plan, Legacy Plan and Platinum Plan) that range from simple estate planning to complex estate planning which will be tailored to your personal needs.     

When you've worked diligently to build an estate, the last thing you want to worry about is having it drained of value through taxes and legal costs after you're gone. The right plan can not only protect the value of your estate, but spare your loved ones from unnecessary hassle and legal conflicts. We offer a variety of strategies for passing on your wealth in the most effective way possible. So make a promise to your heirs, and let us help you keep it. 

At Shatford Law, estate and retirement planning are approached as a part of your overall financial planning. Through our partners we provide a complete range of insurance and investment plans that can be applied to any plan. This approach coupled with the tax and legal expertise of  Shatford Law 's retirement and estate planning lawyers provide you and your family with a complete plan for their retirement benefit, such as the creation of IRA trusts to maximize the compounding growth inside the IRA without the burden of taxes eating away at returns. Each option is tailored with the full tax and legal considerations.  

Shatford Law has specialized retirement attorneys to help you plan your estate. We will help you plan your will, your trust or handle your probate matters and assist you in ways to avoid probate and the resulting unavailability of assets for your loved ones while going through probate which can take at least six months and sometimes as long as several years. There are many ways to shelter your assets, and protect them both from loss and taxation. Our experts will guide you through this process. Remember, neither you nor your loved ones will have control over your assets if you die suddenly, without a plan in place.  In order to avoid these costly headaches, the proper use of any of our plans will document your wishes, protect your estate from over-taxation and government interference, and provide for your loved ones.


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