International Tax Planning

To operate effectively in today’s global marketplace, organizations and individuals need international tax counsel that is fluent in the complexities of cross-border business. Tax lawyers at Shatford Law have extensive experience in developing and implementing tax-efficient structures for cross-border transactions and business operations. Internationally, we

  • Assist clients in structuring cross-border investments and acquisitions, including development of holding company structures, selection of acquisition vehicles, repatriation and exit planning, and identification of relevant local law considerations. 
  • Advise US corporate and individual investors and investment funds on all aspects of US income tax relevant to foreign investment, including choice of entity, income tax treaties, foreign withholding taxes, foreign tax credit planning and the operation of US anti-deferral regimes. 
  • Guide non-US companies and individuals on the appropriate structures for inbound investment in various US businesses and real estate, and on US transfer pricing rules. 
  •  Assist companies in developing cross-border equity and other compensation plans. 
  • Structure international joint ventures requiring coordination of tax results under multiple foreign jurisdictions. 
  • Assist with International Estate and Asset Protection Planning 
  • Setting up Foreign Corporations

Shatford Law attorneys will assist in setting up foreign corporations because we know that corporate law is not the same worldwide and concepts of entities otherwise known in the United States as a corporation can be quite different in other countries.  The uses of foreign corporations are different with every case.  Sometimes, the foreign corporation is used to conduct business in the foreign jurisdiction.  Let the attorneys at Shatford Law guide you through many complex legal issues associated with it, such as:

  • Double Taxation 
  • Income, Gift, and Estate taxation in the foreign jurisdiction. 
  • Protection for personal liability for the liabilities of the foreign corporation. 
  • Treaties with the United States concerning operation of the business from a financing, accounting, tax, and legal perspective.
  • Capital management in a foreign jurisdiction. 
  • Source of income rules. 
  • Controlled foreign corporations 
  • Subpart F income taxation. 
  • Obtaining a credit for foreign taxes paid. 
  • International corporate reorganizations. 
  • Foreign trade. 


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