Personal Injury

California personal injury law is a branch of law that relates to any damage or wrongdoing done to a person’s body, property, rights or reputation. An injury of this sort can happen anywhere - at work, on vacation, in a motor vehicle accident, or on public property. Injuries can also occur as a result from a fault or flaw in a product.

Our injury lawyers & attorneys care about our clients’ needs. We understand the pain, anguish and frustration involved in a personal injury. It can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why we have made it our mission to take our clients through the litigation process every step of the way.

Our personal injury attorneys at Shatford Law:

  • Provide transportation in CA if it is difficult for you to travel to our office.
  • Will meet with you in your home if you are unable to travel due to injury.
  • Work on a contingency basis, you do not need to pay us a dime until your settlement comes in.
  • We are fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, French and Hindi.

Our specialized expertise in California injury law means we are the most qualified to handle your lawsuit involving:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents — We handle all phases of motor vehicle injuries including those involving cars, aircraft, buses, trucks, trains, subways and pedestrian accidents.
  • Workplace and Construction Accidents — This includes injuries that occurred on construction sites, elevators, with machinery, as well as back, neck, and repetitive stress injuries related to the workplace.
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents — Injuries that occurred as a result of someone’s negligence, such as failing to clean up spills, clear snow and ice, or provide adequate lighting.
  • Defective Product Accidents — We trust that products we purchased from a reputable store are safe, but unfortunately many manufacturers are negligent in their testing and quality control procedures, resulting in defective products that can cause serious injury. At Shatford Law we are fully able to handle your lawsuit involving faulty products, including baby and children’s products, power tools, and automobile parts.
  • Housing / Premises Accidents — This pertains to injuries occurring near buildings due to the building owners’ negligence. These include assaults, dog bites, elevator accidents, toxic mold illnesses, and window/roof falls.
  • Sports Accidents — Unfortunately, personal injury can occur in any setting, including recreational ones. Some examples of sports accidents are accidents that occur at amusement parks, with bicycles or boats, while skiing, or involving a pool.

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