New Associates

A law firm's value is wholly created by its legal experts' ability to provide quality legal services. We are firmly committed to hiring, retaining and training the best attorneys in our market, so that our clients receive superior legal services. In order to accomplish this goal, we work hard to hire the best legal talent and have developed programs and opportunities for our attorneys that foster and reward each individual's growth as a legal expert and integral part of our firm. Our Associates are offered a combination of training, feedback, incentives and career advancement opportunities that allow all persons who have a desire to advance their career to achieve their goals.

We find that providing high-quality training and mentoring, along with implementing industry leading policies with respect to compensation, benefits and work/life balance fulfills our primary goals of hiring and retaining outstanding attorneys who provide superior legal services while satisfying their desire to grow in their practice.

Associate Training
We are committed to training and development, as it is essential to our mission of providing superior legal services and advancing the individual careers of our attorneys. To that end, we have implemented a number of training programs and initiatives. The goals of the training and mentoring programs are to improve each of our Associate's skills as writer, advisor, counselor and advocate, and to demonstrate how an experienced attorney successfully interacts with clients. We want our Associates to grow and take on new challenges quickly, and we offer all of the support necessary to do so. Our formal training programs include the following:

Each of our Departments has an ongoing training plan designed to promote expertise and increase substantive knowledge. These plans include regular department meetings and in-office seminars, where our Members and Associates have an opportunity to discuss developments in the law, make new contacts and learn from experts within our firm.

"Lunch and Learn" programs on firm operations and basic lawyering skills occur monthly to provide our Associates with the tools needed to feel confident in core skills needed to be a legal expert, whether that be drafting, research, public speaking or negotiations. The Lunch and Learn programs are targeted to specific classes of Associates.

We hire outside professional speakers to present curricula beneficial to all Shatford Law practice areas.

Mentors are available to each Associate to advise, motivate and teach.

We encourage and support continuing legal education through a substantial biannual CLE budget that allows each attorney to go to the best national and regional conferences to network and hone their legal skills with industry leaders.

How to Apply
Please submit your resume, transcripts and cover letter indicating your department and geographical interests, via regular U.S. mail, fax or attached as a Microsoft Word document via email to: 

Attention: New Associate Positions 
Director of Human Resources 
70 South Lake Avenue, 10th Floor Pasadena, CA 91101



17762 Cowan, Irvine, CA, 92614


1 (866) 373-7688

1 (866) 734-4484